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Our Mission

Our Mission

The Fauquier Taxpayers Association is a non-profit community organization focusing on Fauquier County, Virginia through the use of quantitative data to advocate for a better quality of life for residents, businesses and farms.

About Us

Fauquier Taxpayers started as a group of concerned citizens interested in holding our elected officials accountable and be sure our tax dollars are being spent on citizen priorities.

With a focus on quantitative data, we advocate for resources to be allocated to programs that add the most value to the community.


Fauquier Facts

We look hard at the Fauquier County Budget and advocate for the budget to be driven by citizen priorities — not just annual incremental increases. We want resources to be allocated to programs adding the most value to the community. Our goal is to provide a countywide citizen perspective on the priorities of our local government.



As a Fauquier County taxpayer, which local issue(s) are you most concerned about? Please take a moment to email us.

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Fauquier County Cost of Community Services Study

The Fauquier County Cost of Community Services Study is a comprehensive research document produced by the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia in 2015. This comprehensive study examines the cost of community services in the county. Based on fiscal impact methodology, the study attempts to gauge the net fiscal impact (revenues generated minus service expenditures created) of different types of new development on the community. Click below to download the 64-page report.

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As part of our mission, from time to time we will communicate important Fauquier County taxpayer-related information. If you would like to receive updates and be notified of upcoming events, please share your information below. We promise to never sell or rent your information to anyone.

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