Fauquier Facts

The tax rate on Real Estate is $1.039 for every $100 of assessed value.

The tax rate on Real Estate in Fauquier County is $1.039 for every $100 of assessed value. The base assessment is $0.975 cents per $100. An additional $0.058 levy for Fire & Rescue applies to every $100—this money supports the volunteer fire and rescue program in Fauquier County. The third assessment is six tenths of one cent for every $100 of assessed value to support the Conservation Easement Fund.

Fauquier County Taxes vs. Taxes of Neighboring Counties


Compared to neighboring counties, including Loudon County and Prince William County, Fauquier County’s tax rate is 7-8% lower.

Net Fiscal Impact of Different Types of Development in Fauquier County

Cost of Community Services (COCS) is a metric used to gauge the net fiscal impact of different types of development on a community.

In Fauquier County in 2014 the COCS metric shows that for every dollar in taxes residential property generates it consumes $1.17 in services.

Commercial properties on the other hand only consume $0.26 for every dollar of taxes they generate—a $0.74 surplus.

Likewise agricultural land only consumes $0.22 for every dollar of taxes it generates—a $0.78 surplus. In fiscal year 2014 Residential Taxes in Fauquier County yielded $186 million dollars while consuming $217.4 million in services—a $31.4 million dollar or -16.8% gap. During the same period commercial taxes yielded a surplus of $21.9 million dollars and agricultural land yielded a surplus of taxes to services of $5.6 million. *Real Dollars for 2014

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